Parkour or PK originated in France since 1980s by its most well-known founder David Belle. It is known as “l’art du déplacement“ or "the art of displacement." PK male practitioner is called a traceur and traceuse for female. There is no equipment needed for this extreme activity, but a pair of appropriate shoes is highly suggested for your safety.

The Tips

●      A pair of medium lightweight durable shoes is recommended for free movement, consistent speed, and rolling of ankles, that also gives a nice support for your feet.

●      Buy shoes with thin soles for good sensitivity, great for a perfect landing.

●      Soles should be made from sticky rubber for a strong grip, which may allow you to do parkour even in wet conditions.

●      Shoes should fit in well, comfortable, and snug on your feet to avoid it to slip off that can cause hazards.

What to Avoid

●      Bulky shoes may limit your movements.

●      Thick soles can block your sensitivity.

●      Uncomfortable and  loose-fitting shoes may result to imbalance that can cause injuries.

Since PK is an extreme activity, it also needs extreme caution. You need to be careful about the shoes you will wear before going to a parkour training. Choosing what is right is considering your safety first before anything else. Don’t buy cheap if it doesn't offer quality and guarantee safety.

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