My fantasy is to wake up as someone new in another place and time. Since that's not possible, a vacation abroad is the next best thing. _I've always wanted to schedule a getaway abroad where I can learn a new culture, see new places, and meet new people.

I'm starting to find other people with similar desires online. Some of my Facebook friends are also dreaming of getting out there and finally doing what they've longed to do -- discover themselves in an entirely new place.

It's just a matter of turning my fantasy into a reality. What I need to start working on are the budget, the schedule and details of the itinerary.

World, here I come!


3/17/2012 00:58:16

An admirable goal! I was lucky and grew up travelling the world, but always wished for a place to call 'home'. The grass is always greener, I guess... In the end I realized that home, for me, is an airplane/ca/train seat. ;-) Curious to see where you decide to go!


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