Scarves are one of spicing up your overall look. No longer just used as winter clothing, it can also accentuate what you’re wearing. If you want to incorporate a scarf into your daily look, here are some things you can consider.

Length and Shape

The size and shape of the scarf you buy should depend on what style or effect you want to create. You can opt for a square scarf if you prefer to tie it around your neck or a longer one if you prefer to be a little more versatile. Longer scarves can be wrapped around the neck, tied over the head, and worn over the shoulder among others.

Your Body Figure

If you’re slim or thin, choose something that would fit your figure and make sure to avoid bulky or large scarves as they can make you look smaller. For taller individuals, opt for a longer scarf and try to avoid smaller scarves as they create little attention.


Weather or climate is another important factor you need to consider when buying a scarf. Wool or knitted fabric are the best material for a cold night out or the coming winter season. Cotton scarves can be worn during both the summer and winter season, depending on the manner of wear. You can either let it loose if the weather is warm or wrap it around your neck if the weather gets colder. Silk scarves can also work well on warm or cold weather but may be a little insufficient for colder seasons.


Consider your height when choosing a scarf pattern. If you’re a tall person, a large pattern may be a little overwhelming for you; the same goes for the small person as the attention can be drawn to the scarf print. The ideal scarf pattern is medium sized or any pattern that you’ll be comfortable wearing and will not drown you out.

Choosing the right scarf will surely add more life to your overall look. Just consider your skin tone, the color palette of your clothes, and the above factors to pull off an instantly fashionable look.