I love my Lucy! Arf-arf!
_ I terribly appreciated pet dogs during my clinic vacation (it’s more than a rehab for depression, you see). One session I had with other patients did not involve our therapist. Instead, what welcomed us was a Pet Dog Expert a la Ceasar Milan who was dressed up in this Hawaiian getup. It was hilarious at first because I sort of did not miss leaving the posh center anymore. When we were assigned a pet dog each guest, I started to feel a different energy. I somehow did not feel very sad anymore.

The dog assigned to me was a Pomeranian. Cuddly. Friendly. Cute. Relating to our pet dog changed my perspective of life. I suddenly realised that it’s precious and worth holding on to.

When I got back to the real world after a few months, I got myself a Japanese Spitz for a pet dog. Taking care of Lucy (that’s what I call her) was challenging in the beginning, but dogs tend to take care of themselves anyway as long as the owner is in the good and functional state of mind. Thanks to countless of times of watching pet dog-oriented shows on TV, I managed to get past the crucial stage of being a pet owner. It’s now ridiculously crazy that I’ve been shopping a lot for Lucy lately. You won’t believe the deals that I searched for online, including this one from PetSmart:


German In Boston
1/28/2012 10:27:32 am

Petsmart does make it easy for me to shop for accessories.

1/30/2012 07:04:15 pm

Most pooches deserve better management than what they're getting these days. I guess yours is pampered. What a lovely dog you have there.


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