There I was again the other day. I was staring blankly at my computer monitor, watching the cursor blink crazily towards me. I typed in some words only to delete them later on. I clearly know what is happening and it has been going on for a few days now: writer’s block.

After realizing that nothing will happen no matter how I tried to squeeze out words from my mind, I shut down my monitor and did some breathing exercise. “Relax...Calm down...All is well.” I kept on repeating these words until I was able to divert my mind from that experience.

This scene is familiar for freelance writers like me. Occasionally, writer’s block comes haunting me, even when I’m chasing deadlines. However, having been a freelance writer for the past three years, I’ve developed numerous ways to conquer writer’s block. One of my most favorite - not to mention the most effective - ways to manage mental block is through yoga.

I was able to attend five yoga classes at Ocean Mist Yoga last month courtesy of discount vouchers from It’s available for only $30 instead of its original price of $70 so I immediately grabbed the deal. There I learned how to focus my mind and bring myself into deeper relaxation, enabling me to detach myself from difficulties like a writer’s block.

After that class, I was able to be more creative and focused on my work and, ultimately, write better articles. So if you are a freelance writer like me, an artist, or even a regular employee, don’t forget to do some breathing exercises to feel better. Better yet, join a yoga class so you can be more collected and focused at everything you do.