A trench coat is a very essential wardrobe that you should always have in your closet. It can be worn during  fall, winter, and spring season, especially when it rains or if it’s cold out. Coats are usually knee-length, waterproof, and heavy duty, and made from durable fabrics like cotton, wool, or leather. It is also known as a fashionable wardrobe, since it transforms a simple outfit like shirt and jeans or dress to a sophisticated one.

Check out below the list I made of must-have trench coats for your guide.

Simple. A simple trench coat in tan or light camel is a must-have for everyday use. Choose a trench with less design, and as much possible. A trench coat with less than four front buttons, only two side pockets, and unbelted is a best choice.

Fashionable. If you’re a fashionista, this should be on the top of your list. Choose a furry, heavy duty, knee-length trench coat with a bold color. Bold colors like tangerine, red, honey gold, and others alike, are the best colors you must have for a more eye-catching look.

Formal. For any formal or business event, an elegant trench coat is a must-have. Choose a double-breasted, three-quarter length, and belted coat. You can either have a black or dark grey velvet or wool and cashmere blend trench coat.

In buying a coat, you must choose carefully. You should know exactly what you need and the budget you have for it. You can also choose a trench coat in a classic style so that you can use it longer.