Choosing the best quality of meat is the first step to healthy eating and delicious cooking. The quality of meat plays an important role in achieving a desirable result and taste and assures the longevity of the meat. To help you distinguish fresh meat, here are some tips you can consider.


Color is an excellent indicator to tell if the meat is fresh or not. Mostly, the color of the meat varies on the cut or where the animal is coming from. If you’re buying beef, it should have a bright red color, pork should be pinkish, and white or pale yellow if you’re buying chicken. Just avoid meat with discoloration as it can be a sign of poor handling or that the meat has passed its prime.


The texture of the meat refers how uniform or lean the meat looks. To ensure that the meat is in good condition, its fiber should be intact and firm to the touch. Any meat with loose or uneven fiber only indicates that the meat is of poor quality.


Smell is another important factor you should consider when buying meat. Although different species of animals have their own smell, you should take note that fresh meat have a normal smell. Avoid meat that has a  foul or strange smell.


When buying meat, you should also be observant of the pieces of meat displayed. The meat pieces should be about the same size or thickness, even and smooth with no ragged edges. Only choose well-butchered pieces of meat as they display good quality and proper handling.

These suggestions are all vital in picking the best quality of meat. Just learn to distinguish the difference between a high quality meat to a poor one and you’ll surely make beef, pork, or chicken dishes exciting and healthy as always.