Mom fixated at the food roster.
_I used to enjoy buffets coz they were opportunities for me to spend time with my dad who loves anything edible. I'm not kidding. He does not care what the ingredients are for as long as it's delicious, it's done.

My mom's only advise to me when it comes to eating a variety of food is to go for the solid stuff for solid weight.

My fondest memory of eating out on buffets is with them in Las Vegas. A family tradition was to always check the lineup before we paid. Dad's rule is to avoid a possible poor dining experience at the expense of retirement money (LOL). Another rule of his is to not fill up on the first thing we see. He would tell me to start out by taking very small samples of many different items. This is a great chance to experience many types of food. Once we've sampled enough dishes, we would pile up on the ones we liked the best. My mom, on the other hand, is fixated on leaving be the drinks, especially sodas, since they usually filled her up fast before she would even get started. She had the same issue with soup.

Recalling those days as a teen sort of made me consider buffets again only to remember how good those days were. Ho-hum...