Wise spending is eating the right food that makes you feel good. So if you’re living in California or just passing through, do not hesitate to visit these commendable restaurants for a yummy and healthy food experience.

Sno:La Yogurt

This eco-friendly yogurt shop serves gourmet frozen yogurt in six yummy flavors. To make your order completely delicious, choose from the five types of tasty toppings they offer, such as chocolate, sauces, nuts, and seasonal fruits. Sno:La also serves verrines and they regularly feature new items on their menu. Check more items here.

Mixt Greens

If you are on a diet, Mixt Greens’ menu can keep you filled without depriving yourself of good and delectable eats. Order freshly made salads listed on their menu or design your own according to your preferences. Their sandwiches are also made from fresh, delicious, and healthy ingredients. In fact, almost all of their ingredients are grilled or roasted. Calculate here the nutrition facts of your choice salad before purchasing.

Oliver Cafe | Lounge

Last but not the least in this list is Oliver Cafe | Lounge, a restaurant that offers spa cuisine. Spa cuisine is the kind of food preparation that uses all-natural ingredients and methods. They have a resident registered dietitian who endorses the recipes they make. Grab the opportunity to taste their offered Asian to Italian cuisines during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Have delightfully healthy salads from Mixt Greens, eat an incredible breakfast at Oliver Cafe | Lounge, and don’t forget to enjoy a yummy froyo for dessert from Sno:La. Now, we’re talking healthy!