You must be careful in choosing the flowers that you give. The type, kind, or color of the item defines your motive and can give the receiver either a negative or positive effect. Like in giving flowers to your mother, soon-to-be girlfriend, or for your wife, flower types and colors matter. For you to know the right flowers to buy, let me share with you some information about the meaning the various types and color of flowers.

Flower Color & Meaning

Red. This color represents love, passion, and romance. So when you give red flowers, they must only be for a loved one that could be your mother , a spouse, or a girlfriend.

White. The flower color that can help you in showing the purity of your intention. Give someone a white flower if you are serious in dating her.

Yellow. It is good to give yellow flowers to start a friendship towards the woman you want to date. As they say, it all starts with friendship so begin with yellow flowers.

Flower Types & Meaning

Rose. A rose is one of the most romantic and one of the most common flowers you can give to a woman. Most women prefer this type of flower. However, its meaning varies depending on its color. Red is the safest color you can give to someone you love.

Tulips. This is a type of flower that means elegance, it also expresses happiness and perfect love. A woman who sees simplicity as beautiful, and elegance matters most will appreciate this type of flower.

Carnation. This flower also means love just like the rose, and fascination and distinction as well. Giving it to a woman is as romantic as giving a rose. It is commonly used in weddings, but this beautiful flower, if given to woman, may show more sweetness on your part which can make a woman fall.

Most women are fond of knowing the meaning of everything you give them, so you should always be careful in choosing the right flower. Plan and research ahead before purchasing flowers or bouquet. One wrong move and one wrong choice can change everything, so always choose and buy what is right.