A mattress costs a fortune so it is always better to purchase one that will last longer. Normally, a high quality mattress can last for seven to ten years but if not taken care properly, you’ll have to replace it much sooner. For your mattress to stand the test of time, here are some tips you can follow.

Vacuum Your Mattress

Keeping your mattress fresh and clean is one important step in making it last longer. Vacuum it regularly to get rid of dead skin or other insects that can cause you harm or rip your mattress over time.

Use a Padded Mattress Cover

Padded mattress covers are the most ideal covers as they provide further protection against stain and spills. Also, they offer further comfort during sleep while maintaining the shape of its surface. You can also opt for a waterproof pad if children or pets sleep on the mattress.

Turn or Flip Your Mattress

Mattress manufacturers suggest to turn or flip your mattress to prevent dips and unevenness. If you have a one-sided pillow top, flip it around 180 degrees every few months. For double-sided mattress, flip it regularly. Flipping the mattress from time to time can maintain its shape and increase its longevity.

Use a box spring

A box spring is recommended by manufacturers as it provides proper support that can keep your mattress from dipping in the middle. It is very important in keeping the mattress in good shape and avoiding premature sagging over time.

Don't Jump or Walk on the Mattress

To increase the durability of your mattress, don't jump or walk on it. A mattress is designed for sleeping so jumping or walking on it can cause deformations on the construction that may further result into sleep consequences.

To get the most out of your mattress, you need to take good care of it properly. By just following some simple steps, you may not only increase the life of your mattress but also have a good night’s sleep for many years.