It has been a long time since I have given a special gift to my best friend. She doesn’t even care if I don’t have a present every time her birthday comes because my presence is what she counts on the most. However, I don’t want to make her feel that she’s not special anymore so I made a surprise party for her together with my family.

A week before my BFF’s birthday, I searched online for a special accessory I can give her as a gift. One of my friends told me that she found a beautiful butterfly pendant on Dealster, so I browsed the net until I saw the deal. The deal features a Genuine Butterfly Pendant in Solid Sterling Silver, 18 inches sterling silver chain, and a jewelry gift box - perfect for gift giving. I immediately purchased the deal because I know my best friend would love it. Its original price is $189 and I bought it for only $30. It looks expensive yet very much affordable!

The day came and my best friend went to our house. I had told her that I was the only one staying home that is why I invited her for a one-on-one girl talk dinner birthday. She was really surprised when she entered and saw my family waiting there, greeting her a happy birthday. She could not believe that I managed to hide this surprise birthday from her. However, the most unforgettable moment, according to her, was when I gave her my butterfly pendant gift. She loved it and was very thankful that I gave her such a wonderful gift.

After the two-week long vacation alone in Costa Rica, I decided to get a deal from one of my favorite deal sites to treat my girlfriends for a pole dancing class at Berkeley. My friends thought that I have forgotten them during my brief stay outside the country, so they were quite surprised with my invitation. After all, it’s not everyday my girlfriends and I can get a pole dancing class for half the price.

We enjoyed talking and catching up on the way to Berkeley. Also, the experience of learning something with my friends was truly exceptional. We really had fun learning pole dancing at Phoenix Aerial Art and Pole.

By the way, my friends were so grateful that they prepared food for me at my house. Getting this deal from wakanetwork made the day perfectly unforgettable. I am looking forward to trying out my pole dancing skills with my girlfriends soon!

India is one of the countries in Asia I want to visit the most. I love their rich culture, scenic views, and unique architecture. However, it is their exquisite food that fascinates me the most. Right now, I don’t have enough money to go on a trip to India, but I can get the next best thing: an Indian restaurant experience.

I came across a restaurant called Khana Peena in Berkeley, specializing in Indian and Pakistani dishes. After reading the reviews, I decided to give it a try. I found a 50% discount on wakanetwork and figured that it might be worth it.

I asked my good friend to go with me to the restaurant. She loves spicy food and she will definitely love Indian cuisine. We sampled their famous dishes - lamb curry, chicken misala, and naan. Even though I love Indian food, I was still surprised with how their food tasted. The lamb curry was delicious, with all the ingredients complimenting each other. My friend has never been a fan of curry dishes so this dish shocked her a bit. The misala, on the other hand, was very tasty that we just wanted to ask for more.

The place, however, was not as appealing as I hoped. Although the ambiance was accommodating, I found it small. I was expecting more space for the diners.

Overall, our experience at Khana Peena was great. The service was nice and the food was outstanding. My friend and I will definitely come back.

Through it all, my experience just makes me want to go to India more.
Hi, guys! It’s been a while since I have updated my blog. Anyway, please check below for a  quick rundown tips on how to coupon for beginners:

1. Don’t get newspaper subscription if you’re new to couponing. It will only waste your time and money.

2. Check the deals that interest you first through browsing for daily deals online.

3. Check eBay, a shopping website and coupon reseller, and search for your deal of interest by typing “buy it now coupon" in the eBay search box. By doing this, the coupons you'll purchase will arrive on time.