Mom fixated at the food roster.
_I used to enjoy buffets coz they were opportunities for me to spend time with my dad who loves anything edible. I'm not kidding. He does not care what the ingredients are for as long as it's delicious, it's done.

My mom's only advise to me when it comes to eating a variety of food is to go for the solid stuff for solid weight.

My fondest memory of eating out on buffets is with them in Las Vegas. A family tradition was to always check the lineup before we paid. Dad's rule is to avoid a possible poor dining experience at the expense of retirement money (LOL). Another rule of his is to not fill up on the first thing we see. He would tell me to start out by taking very small samples of many different items. This is a great chance to experience many types of food. Once we've sampled enough dishes, we would pile up on the ones we liked the best. My mom, on the other hand, is fixated on leaving be the drinks, especially sodas, since they usually filled her up fast before she would even get started. She had the same issue with soup.

Recalling those days as a teen sort of made me consider buffets again only to remember how good those days were. Ho-hum...


I love my Lucy! Arf-arf!
_ I terribly appreciated pet dogs during my clinic vacation (it’s more than a rehab for depression, you see). One session I had with other patients did not involve our therapist. Instead, what welcomed us was a Pet Dog Expert a la Ceasar Milan who was dressed up in this Hawaiian getup. It was hilarious at first because I sort of did not miss leaving the posh center anymore. When we were assigned a pet dog each guest, I started to feel a different energy. I somehow did not feel very sad anymore.

The dog assigned to me was a Pomeranian. Cuddly. Friendly. Cute. Relating to our pet dog changed my perspective of life. I suddenly realised that it’s precious and worth holding on to.

When I got back to the real world after a few months, I got myself a Japanese Spitz for a pet dog. Taking care of Lucy (that’s what I call her) was challenging in the beginning, but dogs tend to take care of themselves anyway as long as the owner is in the good and functional state of mind. Thanks to countless of times of watching pet dog-oriented shows on TV, I managed to get past the crucial stage of being a pet owner. It’s now ridiculously crazy that I’ve been shopping a lot for Lucy lately. You won’t believe the deals that I searched for online, including this one from PetSmart:


Me and my cousin
I miss my cousin Cher mostly for her outrageous party style. She always takes me to these bizarre parties that I normally can't get into.

The last time we got together was when she tipped me this info about a sough-after party planner. The guy's got famous clients and is willing to experiment planning more unconventional types of parties.

When I get married (that is, if I would this year, fingers crossed), I'd definitely request for a discount. LOL!

Thanks, Cher! See you soon, if you're reading this.

I'm a certified fanatic of Ikea from its stylish bedsheets to its ergonomic chairs. I'm even beginning to love their miscellaneous services, particularly their meals. This is why I'm thrilled to share with you, guys, this nifty meal deal at Ikea:

FREE breakfast until 11am at 99¢
Organic Pasta with Tomato Sauce at 99¢ (Before: $1.99) (11am to close)
All you can eat Organic Pasta with Tomato Sauce at $1.99 (from 4:00pm - 7:00pm)

Kids Eat Free! Kids choose one combo meal valued at $2.49

BBQ Ribs, French Fries and Cornbread at $6.99 (Before: $7.99)

Roasted Chicken and Mashed Potatoes at $1.99

Hot Dog & Soda in the Bistro at $1 (Before: $1.50)

It's only this month that I've realized how it's convenient to shop online. The trick to doing so is not to rely on one source. You never know how other sources give out discounts for the same product or service. I stumbled upon four deal sites that prove what I've suspected all along -- that shopping online is more than just convenient... it's also good on my pocket.

Presenting -- my favorite deal sites:
        • Groupon           • Waka Network
        • Coupons           • Retail Me Not
        • Dealster

Which one is your favorite?


I'm starting to find shopping from home addictive.

I recall buying a talking dog stuffed toy for my pet dog one time. It may have been for my own satisfaction but seeing my Japanese Spitz get mesmerized by the antics of the toy also makes me believe that my dog also loved it.

I know that shopping networks have been around for quite some time. It's been only last month that I finally tried using it to shop for an item. My verdict: It was convenient.

I feel that pet dogs know if you are truly affectionate with them or just faking it. Shop your dog a new trinket to find out. Make sure that it's something that it will respond to.